The Europabüro introduces itself


The long-term integration of foreign professionals into Thuringian enterprises in the social field, the usage of a reliable partner network in other countries, the competent support of small and medium sized enterprises, the guidance of foreign professionals, local networking...

All this is part of a strategy which the “Europabüro Thüringen für die Sozialwirtschaft" (EBTS) pursues decisively. As a service office, the Europabüro works for enterprises, experts as well as other actors.

It’s our concern to:

  • motivate ...
    ... to think outside of the box and country borders, to look into other countries and to open eyes for the possibilities and development chances that awaits you and your enterprise in other countries
  • inform ...
    ... about the possibilities, which are offered by different funding programmes for transnational projects
  • navigate ...
    ... through the process of recognition of professional qualifications of foreign professionals and through immigration laws
  • support ...
    ... with contact initiation between foreign professionals and enterprises here in Thuringia
  • advice ...
    ... with project planning or a project application
  • accompany ...
    ... during the winning- and integration process of foreign professionals in Thuringian enterprises of the social field as well as during the implementation of approved transnational projects
  • network ...
    ... with local and regional actors in the field of migration / integration as well as suitable partners in other countries, who are key elements for the success of migration work as well as transnational work and projects

The “Europabüro Thüringen für die Sozialwirtschaft” cooperates closely with many partners from the political, economic and social field. Our tasks as a team in the Europabüro is it to make people feel and experience Europe and the world.

The project is funded by the Free State of Thuringia with funds of the European Social Fund.


Ausbildungsjahr 2022 - interessierte Einrichtungen gesucht!

Vietnamesische Auszubildende für die Pflege in Thüringen / 2022

Bereits im Jahr 2021 konnte das Europabüro Thüringen für die Sozialwirtschaft (EBTS) acht Einrichtungen aus dem Pflegebereich dabei unterstützen, insgesamt 15 junge Menschen aus Vietnam für die Ausbildung zur Pflegefachfrau / zum Pflegefachmann hier in Thüringen zu gewinnen.

Für das Ausbildungsjahr 2022/23 plant das Europabüro eine weitere Runde zur Gewinnung von Auszubildenden für den Pflegebereich in Thüringen und sucht nach interessierten Einrichtungen in ganz Thüringen, die gern junge Menschen aus Vietnam für eine Ausbildung zur Pflegefachfrau / zum Pflegefachmann bei sich einstellen möchten.

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